I provide my clients with the skills, contacts, and expertise to match the

appropriate fashion to any social or business situation.

The clothes and accessories selected are based on my clients tastes,

 skin and hair tones, and body type.

Everything selected ensures my clients make a fashion statement to

 perfectly match their personality with their social and business situations.

My client’s needs are never too big or too small. I can provide anything

 from a complete makeover to picking a limited wardrobe of perfectly

 matched pieces to a single outfit for a special occasion.

Once I get to know a client’s tastes and requirements, I often can do their

 fashion shopping without having them along.


"You only get one chance to make a first impression."

About Mens Fashion Finder


Instant wardrobe

Accessories made simple







That truism provides the drive to ensure all of your first impressions are positive. If you need a new suit with coordinating shoes, or dynamite slacks with a haircut that looks perfect on you, I will make you look your best in any situation.


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